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Back to the office: The importance of maintaining a cool workspace over summer

As the nation is slowly returning to normal working life, more of the team are back in the office. With these summer days a mixture of hot air and rainfall, things can get a little too humid throughout your 9-5.

In this article, we're covering some top tips to make sure you're keeping cool this summer.

A cooler office tends to be a more comfortable, happier environment for the whole team, significantly increasing office productivity.

In the past, we've all found ourselves in a bit of a slump as the office warms up in the summer, but this can be easily avoided with a little bit of planning.

Our top tips

1) Freeze your water bottle overnight to be the envy of all your colleagues with your quietly defrosting water.. Allowing you to maintain cold water throughout the day.. This is a quick and easy workplace heat hack, but does require a little prior planning!

2) Keep the sun out with the blinds down. This one is a gloomy prospect, but works magic if you have large office windows. Those lovely summer rays may be enjoyable, but heat becomes trapped, turning the office into a greenhouse. Lowering the blinds reflects heat back outside and keeps the room more temperate.

3) Find an air-con unit. These may sound like a costly office addition, for (probably) only a few weeks' of English sun, but the solution is simply to hire one for as long as the sun's out!

The portable air conditioning unit from Greenplant works magic. Not only blasting out cool, refreshed air, this snazzy machine also reduces humidity.

As a highly portable unit, this machine can be easily moved between rooms, allowing the whole building to have a breath of fresh air.

4) Hire an industrial fan. These are the types of fans used on a larger scale cooling mission - such as cooling machinery, or even drying out damp buildings.

These fans can be hired from Greenplant at a fraction of the purchase price, and will get air circulating within moments.

5) Turn off heat-generating equipment. This one may sound a little obvious, but office equipment produces more heat than you'd think. To avoid overheating, turn off any PC's that aren't being used.

This is also a great help to the environment, by reducing your electricity usage, keeping our own company environmental ethos in mind.

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