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Preparing for Spring 2023

Spring will soon be here, with the growing season set to arrive on the 20th of March 2023. You won't need to spend a fortune to get the tools and equipment needed to get the best from your garden.

Top jobs to do in March

  1. Freshen Up Pathways

Freshen up your pathways, patios and driveways with a high-powered pressure washer. Over the winter months, pathways can grow layers of weeds and moss, and with the bad weather can become scruffy and overgrown.

Greenplant have a range of pressure washers and cleaning equipment that will bring enough force to blast this untidy layer away. Look no further than our pressure washer selection for an environmentally conscious yet powerful machine to get the job done.

Cut the grass

As the temperature increases and the days get longer, so does the grass! It will soon be time to start mowing the lawn on a regular basis.

Greenplant offers a range of gardening equipment, including lawnmowers, with versatility and power to get around the garden swiftly.

Lawn aeration is one of the most important jobs for lawn health in the spring months. Soil often becomes compacted through footfall or poor weather conditions, so aeration will ensure full, thick grass grows by penetrating the ground and providing space for rainfall and nutrients to go into the ground and feed the roots.

Scarify the surface

During the colder months, moisture and moss begin to form a layer on the surface of the lawn, which acts as a barrier, stopping sunlight and nutrients from effectively getting to the roots of the grass.

Scarifiers work by scraping the surface of the lawn, and effectively removing this built-up layer of moss and debris. The combination of scarifier and aerator will successfully boost the health and thickness of your grass.

Larger tools to help with landscaping

Hiring a small 1-tonne excavator will open the door to many landscaping or renovation projects in and around the garden. As the earth begins to soften in the spring, this tool comes in very handy to re-shape the land.

Dumpers are vital to move around and clear up the leftover earth. The tipping skip allows for easy off-loading at a range of heights.

For gardening, we would recommend the Kubota Tracked Power Barrow. Its ability to fit through doorways means it is nimble enough to get into any garden.

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