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Easy ways to protect yourself



Our new Plantprotect scheme is the easy way to protect yourself.


Just pay an extra 10% of the value of the hire contract and we’ll take responsibility for any accidental

damage or loss.

Any accidental damage or loss is subject to a customer excess payment. Excess is calculated at 10% of
the total claim value, with a minimum excess of £50 up to a maximum of £500. For example, an accidental damage or loss cost of £1000 would be subject to a £100 excess charge.


• Stolen equipment must be reported to Greenplant and include the police station and crime reference number.

• Claims could be rejected where adequate preventative measures were not taken.
• Recovery charges incurred are not covered within the Plantprotect scheme.


Short-term insurance


If you would prefer to arrange your own plant hire insurance, here are some suggestions:

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