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Greenplant at Silverstone

We've had a brilliant time working at the Silverstone race track over the past few weeks.

Greenplant played a huge part in the running of the event this year, with the team working day and night to make sure that the event and our part in it, all ran smoothly and according to plan.

The atmosphere at Silverstone is unbeatable, with the buzz of excitement and apprehension almost tangible.

Our team love being behind the scenes at any event to be able to be part of the great work that gets done, and we can truly say that no effort was spared by any member of Silverstone this year. It's this incredible commitment by everyone involved that makes the event as successful as it always is.

After a long week of setting up, delivering, and organising, we were thrilled to receive this feedback from the Head of Events at Silverstone.

"Just wanted to say a massive thanks for everything at Silverstone.

The kit supplied was great, the staff helpful and the timing on everything was impeccable. Everything thoroughly planned and on schedule.

No request was too much or too last minute and I don't think we could have done the event without your assistance throughout."

See you all next year for Silverstone GP 2022!

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