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Greenplant Machine Spotlight

Our machine of the week is the Kubota Tracked Power Barrow! Keep reading to find out why this was our top choice this week.

This little machine is proving ever-popular for use in a range of different projects. Its easily maneuverable hydraulic transmission enables even the least machine-savvy users to easily pick up the skills.

This machine has been praised for its vertical lifting capability, boasting a telescopic mast with the power to deposit a load up to 1.43 metres in the air! This makes filling up skips or maneuvering loads onto higher ground a walk in the park.

The most extraordinary aspect of this machine is the variable track width function, allowing the power barrow to venture to areas that would usually be inaccessible. The Kubota Tracked Power Barrow can even fit through regular doorways!

The ability to squeeze into hard to reach areas makes this tool incredible for use by construction workers, gardeners or anyone wishing to do some backyard DIY. Going from a waif-like 758mm to a whopping 1058mm, you can have the perfect balance between space efficiency and excellent stability.

Check out our video showcasing this fab machine

As if all that wasn’t enough to name this Power Barrow the machine of the week; It is also capable of sensing the tilt angle of the machine – an added safety feature which will help you to avoid any overexertion of machinery.

The clean environmentally friendly engine is both tough and reliable, delivering high torque with enhanced power and optimum fuel efficiency to cut operating costs. It also features cleaner emissions and quieter operation which means it won’t be too disruptive to others.

The thought and care that has been put into the creation of this machine makes this one of our favourites to use, and we know that you’ll love it too. Much better than the old-school wheel barrow!

Click here to hire our Kubota Tracked Power Barrow from one of our Greenplant depots.

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