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Greenplant's Guide to Flooding Solutions

  • Submersible Pumps are ideal for drainage of flooded basements and homes. These must be used fully submerged, as these pumps do not run dry. With a high flow rate, these are the most efficient and effective way of pumping water after a flood. Available in two sizes, suitable for different depths, these pumps come with 6m outlet hoses.

  • Puddle Pumps are able to quickly clear shallow depths of water, able to suck as little as 1mm of water. These are also supplied with 6m outlet hoses. They are the perfect tool for getting rid of residue water after a flood, and make a perfect emergency response positioned immediately on a surface.

  • Dehumidifiers are perfect for removing dampness and moisture from new buildings and for aiding the drying process in properties that have suffered flood damage. Available in two sizes.

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