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Machinery spotlight: HILTI

The Hilti power drill range has the perfect balance between power, weight and size without having to choose between efficiency and quality.

With brushless motors, ergonomic design and a broad range of drilling, screw fastening and hole sawing inserts, our range of Hilti cordless drill drivers and hammer drills are designed to match your needs.

From installation in tight spaces to the most demanding applications, with our tools, you have all the choices without having to compromise.

Hilti is up to speed with modern technology, with the Hilti App showcasing infotech to its highest potential. Now, customers can manage and programme their tools from their smartphones, including a 30-metre tracking feature so you'll never misplace your drill on-site again!

The Hilti tools also have built-in NFC (think apple-pay technology) so you can simply hover over the drill with your smartphone to get all the info you need - Including serial numbers.

With this added feature, Hilti can always link power tools to their rightful owners, even if serial numbers have been removed externally.

”When a jobsite manager places his smartphone on the tool, the Hilti Connect app informs them instantly about the model and serial number, the entire repair history as well as the warranty service coverage. Also, training videos, operating instructions or tool-related accessories are readily available with just a touch of their fingertip. Users can also request a repair pick-up service for the tool wherever they are”

You can hire a wide range of Hilti power tools from Greenplant - Call us on 01494 442 888 for more information

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