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Preparing your garden for the Autumn Season

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

As temperatures begin to fall, a new garden regime is in order. To make sure your garden is prepared for the winter months, we've got some handy steps you can take!

Cut your grass well before the weather goes bad.

Your lawn needs a really good cut before the cold sets in. By cutting your grass before the cold, you'll be stopping it from growing too long and becoming impossible to cut come the spring months.

You can hire a range of lawnmowers from Greenplant.

  • Scarify the lawn

Scarification removes the layer of old moss and debris, letting your lawn catch as much of the remaining sun as possible. Your grass will thank you, and you'll see a huge difference in your lawn after using this method.

Hire a motorised scarifier from Greenplant to get the job done faster.

  • Pressure wash patios

By removing the layer of mud that has gradually built up, the surface of your path won't get so slippery and will help you not to slip. It also looks a lot fresher and cleaner, giving your home a winter glow.

Greenplant have a range of pressure washers available for hire.

  • Give your hedges a final trim before the first frost, and cut back weeds and overgrown areas.

These overgrown areas won't go away over winter, so now is the time to trim and cut back your weeds to ensure that once spring comes, these areas won't be too wild!

Greenplant offer hedge trimmers to make sure your borders are tidy for the upcoming winter!

  • Plant evergreens and invest in spring bulbs.

If you're not a winter person and are looking forward to the spring, planting bulbs will give you that spark of hope you'll need to get you through the frosty evenings. Evergreens offer relief from the grey of winter, and spring bulbs provide that first injection of colour in Spring.

  • Clean and protect your ponds with a net

If you're lucky enough to have a pond, now is the time to net it to ensure it doesn't fill with soggy leaves as they fall from the trees! This will keep your pond water clean and reduce build up on your pond floor.

Greenplant have a range of gardening tools and materials available for jobs like these.

  • Maintain garden tools

Now is the perfect time to maintain your garden tools. Clean them, sharpen them, and see which need replacing. If any do, Greenplant are on hand to supply you with new tools for the best prices.

Autumn Essentials

Leaf Blower: keep your lawn clear and paths and walkways safe!

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