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Spring Cleaning with Greenplant

Get your garden spring ready

  1. The first cut

Now is the perfect time for the first cut of your lawn. Greenplant's mowers are regularly serviced to the best standard, making it easy for them to manage the first cut after a long winter.

2. Clean patios, paths and decking.

Hire a pressure washer from Greenplant to clean off a winter's worth of grime and debris from your patio, path or deck. With a range of washers capable of producing different levels of pressure, our team are on hand to make sure you get the right kit for the job.

3. Fix & maintain fences

Now is the perfect time to get these maintenance jobs out of the way. Greenplant have the kit you need to fix your fence - including drills, nail guns and pole rammers. Browse our online catalogue to see our full range. Once you've repaired any damage, be sure to give your fence a spray down with a pressure washer to remove dirt, moss and mildew.

Spring Cleaning

  1. Grubby carpets after a wet and muddy winter? Hire a carpet cleaner from Greenplant. This handy machine sprays a cleaning solution into your carpets and then vacuums it out - no more waiting days for your carpets to dry out!

  2. Vacuum cleaners: Greenplant have a range of vacuum cleaners to suit whatever space you're cleaning. Our twin motor vacuum is suitable for a range of commercial and industrial applications, supplied with a complete range of accessories.

  3. Redecorating? Greenplant have a range of accessories like paintbrushes and paint scrapers available for purchase. You can also hire a wallpaper stripper or a hot air paint stripper to get you back to that blank canvas!

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