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Lawn aeration helps to make pockets of space, allowing new grass roots to spread and grow. 

This machine is perfect if you have a build up of dead grass. 

By "coring" your lawn, you create pockets which will enable air to circulate, as well as the nutriants and water in the soil. This will lead to a healthier lawn. 

Built in the UK, this Camon Lawn Aerator is made to a high standard of performance, yet has an effortless simplicity of function. Once you start the engine, the "drive" and "drop" levers will become second nature. 


The power of a crank operating system will punch the tines into the ground, resulting in perfect aearation. 


This machine is supplied with both hollow tines and solid spikes.


Length 100cm
Width 64cm
Height: 68cm
Weight: 103kg

Working Width: 40cm

Aeration Depth: 7½cm
Spike: Spikes & Corers

Lawn Aerator

PriceFrom £65.00

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