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The Tool Hire Industry now has access to the uniquely designed Beam Lifter from Muba, which does not use lifting cables and instead utilizes a simple screw mechanism similar to an Acrow Prop. This compact and robust Beam Lifter has been specifically designed for the easy lifting and lowering of beams with precision and accuracy.


With a lifting capacity of up to 600kg and a maximum height of 3 meters, a single Beam Lifter can handle heavy loads, while two can lift up to 900kg.


The Beam Lifter is versatile and can fit through gaps of up to 73cm (29 inches), and can be stacked when folded down for convenient storage. Greenplant Limited offers Beam Lifter rental services per week to make your job easier.

Lifting Weight: 600kg Max Load
Max Lifting Height:  3 Metre Lift Height


Weekly Hire Only

MUBA Beam Lifter


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