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6kVA 240/110V.

10kVA 240/110V.


Complete with close-fitting acoustic canopies and long-run fuel tanks, these generators provide super silent, highly portable and versatile power for demanding applications including the construction sector and events. Excellent maintenance access and a two-wheel site trolley make this generator portable to most locations. 



6kVA/4.8kW. Key Start.

Dimensions: L1270mm x W785mm x H970mm

Noise Level: 59dBA @ 7m

Weight: 210kg

Sockets: 2 x 16a 115V/ 1 x 32 115V/ 1 x 16a 230V/ 1x 32a 230V.


10 kVA

10.0kVA / 8.0kW. Electric start.

This is the largest generator in the portable range with a barrow style frame making it moveable around sites where access is tight.

Dimensions: L1285 x W655 x H900mm

Noise level: 67dBA @ 7m

Sockets: 1 x 16a 115V / 2 x 32a 115V / 1 x 16a 230V / 1 x 32a 230V.


16KvA Diesel Generator

Weight: 662kg

Capacity: 120L

Run time at 75%: 34hrs


20KvA Diesel Generator

Weight: 733kg

Capacity: 120L

Run time at 75%: 26Hrs


33KvA Diesel Generator

Weight: 1300

Capacity: 280L

Run time at 75%: 48hrs


50KvA Diesel Generator


Super Silent Diesel Generators

PriceFrom £40.00