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All Greenplant excavators come with a complete set of buckets, with and without teeth (please specify). All machines have fittings for auxiliary hydraulic attachments.


Our mini excavators are ideal for use with our skip loading dumper.



Ultra-compact with enhanced operator protection; the efficient Kubota U10-3 with zero tail swing is the mini-excavator you can count on to get the job done. With easy single-lever operation, the U10-3’s hydraulically adjustable track gauge reduces in seconds down to 750mm to enable navigation in narrow spaces and through a standard doorway.


KX016-4 Mini Excavator

The superior performance of the KX016-4 raises the standard in the 1.5-2.0 tonne category with a powerful digging force and a wider working range that rivals higher-end excavators, from large construction to the tightest of places. This machine also has a variable track gauge, and anti-theft key system supplied as standard. Height with cabin; 2350mm, with canopy; 2330mm.


U20-3a Mini Excavator and U27-4 Mini Excavator

These mini excavators are ready for work, offering precision control for restricted working and a host of advanced features that deliver superior performance and efficiency. With high reliability and low operating costs these mini excavators are ideal for a wide range of jobs and can be used with a range of attachments. An anti-theft key system is supplied as standard. 2 Tonne weight with cabin; 2250kg, with canopy; 2160kg. Height with cabin; 2360mm, with canopy; 2380mm.

2.5 Tonne weight with cabin; 2590kg, with canopy; 2490kg. Height with cabin; 2430mm, with canopy; 2420mm.


U35-3A Mini Excavator

The U35-3a3 is possibly the most popular excavator in our range, suitable for the toughest of works. It includes smooth simultaneous operation, powerful digging force, and superb attachment versatility. An anti-theft key system supplied as standard.


U48-4 Mini Excavator

Combining the power for demanding jobs and the versatility to work in any condition, the U48-4 is ready to take on any challenge. This advanced 5 tonne machine is designed with excellent stability to work efficiently even where space is confined. With superior digging and lifting power, this Kubota truly has it all. An anti-theft key system supplied as standard.

Tracked Excavators 1-5 Tonne

PriceFrom £79.80
  • Length Width Height Weight Max. Dig Depth
    2980 mm 750-990 mm 2230 mm 1120 kg 1800 mm


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