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13 or 21 Tonne Tracked Excavators.

All Greenplant excavators come with a complete set of buckets. All machines have fittings for auxiliary hydraulic attachments.

Weekly Hire only. POA.


13 Tonne Excavator

Runs a fully bio-degradable hydraulic oil system, and features tracking and real-time monitoring system.

The ZX130-5 is loaded with enhancements that make it efficient, reliable and durable. The spacious cab features a wider door with more glass, more side-to-side foot room, better rear visibility, additional mirrors, an enhanced seat, improved multifunction/multilingual monitor and more.

In addition, the ZX130-5 comes standard equipped with 24/7 online access to machine location, health, utilization, fuel consumption and other valuable information – so you can better understand costs and jobsite performance.

Can also be used with a wide range of attachments.


ZX210-6 21 Tonne Excavator

Fully Euro 6 engine, meeting the most rigid emission standards and fully bio-degradable hydraulic oil system making this the machine for the future. The perfect machine for working near any water, including rivers, lakes or canals.

Other features include:

360 degree full view camera

Real time monitoring system


Travel Alarm

Full hand rail system.

Tracked Excavators 13-21 Tonne

  • Length  Width  Height Weight Max. Dig Depth
    7620 mm 2500 mm 2750 mm 12110 kg 6060 mm


  • Length Width Height Weight Max. Dig Depth
    9570 mm 2990 mm 2950 mm 20800 kg 9405 mm


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