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All Greenplant excavators come with a complete set of buckets, with and without teeth (please specify). All machines have fittings for auxiliary hydraulic attachments.

6, 8 Tonne rubber-tracked excavators.

Weekly Hire only. 


KX057-4 Mini Excavator

Combining the power for demanding jobs and the versatility to work in any condition, this advanced 5.5 tonne machine is the most powerful excavator in our mini range. It is designed with excellent stability to work with a variety of attachments. Further features include upgraded digging and lifting power, smoother travel performance, and an anti-theft key system supplied as standard.


KX080-4 Mini Excavator

The KX080-4 excavator delivers all the power you need while going easy on the environment. Features include the new direct injection diesel engine and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) muffler, and a host of functions and equipment including ECO PLUS. Its digging force is superior among 8-tonne excavators, retaining all the power with a cleaner machine. An anti-theft key system is supplied as standard. 



New KX080-4a2 Mini Excavator

Performance that is both powerful and practical.
Kubota engine with CRS and a DPF muffler. A new 2-pump load sensing system alows for ease when using attachments. The KX080-4α2 offers enhanced convenience and boasts improved comfort across a wide range of jobs.


Tracked Excavators 6-8 Tonne

PriceFrom £448.00
  • Length Width Height Weight Max. Dig Depth
    5520 mm 1830-1960 mm 2550 mm 5545 kg 3890 mm


  • Length Width Height Weight Max. Dig Depth
    6450 mm 2150-2200 mm 2540 mm 8195 kg 4600 mm


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