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Get Your Garden Ready For Winter With Greenplant!

As the temperatures are dropping, so too are the leaves! Follow Greenplant's handy guide to getting your garden ready for winter.

  • Cut your grass well before winter sets in!

Your lawn needs a really good cut before the cold sets in - let it get too long and it'll be impossible to cut over the winter.

You can hire a range of lawn mowers from Greenplant.

  • Scarify the lawn

It's important to scarify your lawn to prepare for winter to allow the ground to breathe.

Hire a motorised scarifier from Greenplant to get the job done faster.

  • Pressure wash areas like patios and paths to prevent grime from building over the winter and surfaces becoming slippery.

Greenplant have a range of pressure washers available for hire.

  • Give your hedges a final trim before the first frost.

Hire a hedge trimmer from Greenplant to make sure your borders are tidy for the upcoming winter!

  • Cut back weeds that have grown out of control over the summer

  • Plant spring bulbs and evergreens

Evergreens offer relief from the grey of winter, and spring bulbs provide that first injection of colour in Spring.

  • Net ponds

If you're lucky enough to have a pond, now is the time to net it to ensure it doesn't fill with soggy leaves as they drop!

Greenplant have a range of gardening tools and materials available for jobs like these.

  • Maintain garden tools

Now is the perfect time to maintain your garden tools. Clean them, sharpen them, and see which need replacing. If any do, Greenplant are on hand to supply you with new tools for the best prices.

Autumn Essentials

Leaf Blower: keep your lawn clear and paths and walkways safe!

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