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Our Experience with Greenplant

"We hired a 1.5 tonne Kubota tracked excavator from the Banbury depot for our garden hard landscaping.

The team were incredibly helpful throughout, helping us make sure we had the right model that would suit what we wanted to do. Our garden gate is quite narrow so we needed something that would fit through narrow gateways but also heavy-duty enough for very rocky ground.

Wayne from Greenplant in Banbury was so helpful when he came to drop off the excavator, making sure we had everything we needed, with a few tips on how to use the different buckets for a really tidy job.

We will definitely be using Greenplant again – perfect from start to finish!"

- Simon Griffiths, Garden Designer

Simon was kind enough to share with us his design for the project, starting with the excavation of a sunken courtyard style seating area.

With the help of Greenplant's 1-tonne excavator, Simon could make a head start on this project. Our 1 Tonne excavators are versatile and are able to fit through most doorway size gaps with ease!

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