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Winter Solutions from Greenplant

Winter has well and truly arrived! Follow Greenplant's guide to keeping your site going this winter:

  1. Lighting Solutions:

As it gets dark earlier, why not hire some site lighting from Greenplant.

We have a range of lights to suit your job - from plasterers lights for difficult to reach corners, to lighting towers to keep a large site area illuminated. Our brand new v20 Tower Lights extend to a height of 8.5m and can illuminate an area of 2500m². The unit can run for 230 hours without refuelling!

2. Heating Solutions:

With temperatures dropping, heating your site, home or workplace is more important than ever.

Infrared heaters work well in busy commercial and industrial areas, while propane gas heaters are ideal for areas which are well ventilated such as construction sites, warehouses and factories. Indirect diesel space heaters are placed outside of the unit that is being heated and are fitted with their own thermostats. These are a popular choice for use in marquees, temporary structures, the construction industry, and the horticultural/ agricultural sectors.

3. Flooding Solutions:

Seemingly endless rain means one thing - floods! Here's Greenplant's guide to flooding solutions:

4. Site Security:

Less light means more opportunity for theft on site.

Our excavators and other machines have anti-theft key systems fitted.

For all of your smaller kit, why not hire a site security chest from Greenplant - from as little as £11 these chests can be bolted into the floor and make ideal secure storage for power tools and other equipment.

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