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Introducing the revolutionary Prop Pal needle system, a remarkable British invention. This innovative system features two slots, allowing props to be securely positioned at either end, ensuring exceptional stability. The slots accommodate props with ease, providing a secure lock. The system boasts slots large enough to accommodate metric brick-sized apertures. With a substantial safe working load of 1500kg, the Prop Pal guarantees reliability.


Key info: 

  • Innovative Prop Pal needle system
  • 2 slots for locating props at either end - props lock securely into
  • Prop Pal for greater stability
  • Slots through an aperture the size of a metric brick
  • British invention - designed by a British builder and made in the UK
  • Advice/Guides for operation available.
  • Safe Working Load: 1500kg
  • Length: 1200mm
  • Width: 170mm
  • Depth: 60mm

Weekly hire only. 

Prop Pal Needle System


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